Welcome to Workshop House

We're nurturing a community of altruistic ambitious people in DC.


Workshop House is, first and foremost, a house. We have 8 permanent residents and a bit of extra space for guests.

Our space is big enough to host events and parties, and so we also choose to run events focused around growing this community that we're all participating in. We have a lovely rooftop, as well as a sizeable main room and nice kitchen. We've hosted afterparties, launch parties, as well as a professional mentorship event and other networking events.

We are located in Washington DC, near Logan Circle, about a mile north of the White House.

Workshop House is a historic building: it was once a rectory (a place where priests live). It has a giant cross on the roof. We aren't particularly religious ourselves, but we do appreciate the history of the place. Before it was Workshop House, the previous owners also hosted parties, and it was a popular airbnb as well.

We also like doing projects! We have a small-but-growing set of workshop type tools (woodworking, electronics, and bike repair), and we have a mini datacenter, home automation kit and VPN. We love to chat about this stuff; let us know if we can help you with your next project.

Getting Involved

We are always excited to meet more altruistic, ambitious people who want to be part of our community. There are lots of ways to be involved: you can live here, you can organize events, you can execute on altruistic projects, you can nurture the community, or you can even just hang out and be our friend!

Currently, the main on-ramp to our community is our monthly dinner. RSVP is required for this; attendance is usually capped around 12 people so if you're interested, check out the calendar event.

We do occasionally run other public events, so add the calendar if you want to be notified.

Workshop House is a good place to host events. Contact Lincoln (lincolnq1717 at gmail) if interested in using the space. We charge fees to offset the disruption to the house; the fees will depend on whether the event is public or private, how many people/how much space you need, level of alignment with the mission of the house, and any disruption that will affect the residents. Events are subject to approval by house residents.

We have a chat server (at chat.workshop.house); if you are regularly around the house or are organizing events, bug someone for an invite.

If you want to stay informed about happenings at Workshop, join our newsletter:

Life at the Workshop

Workshop House can be an intense place to stay or live. There's a lot going on, and life here subjects you to all of it, good and bad. Residents and most guests get private rooms, but you should expect to be quite social while staying here.

We host guests frequently, and demand is high; currently you need to be a resident (or heavily involved with the house) to refer a guest.

Our bedrooms are all occupied, but we still accept applications for potential residents for future spots that might open up. Living here costs upwards of $1800 per room per month. We're looking for residents who are committed to the mission of the house, and who are excited to be part of the social fabric (e.g. show up for events and welcome guests, run events of your own, join for community dinners, etc). If this sounds like you, fill out this form and we'll be in touch, although responding to such inquiries may take a while.